Have you ever found yourself thinking that you don’t feel any different to your eighteen-year-old self? You’ve got a degree, a home and possibly a family, but in your head, you’re still the carefree eighteen-year-old who traveled, right? Then you stand near a group of twittering teenagers and it hits you: you really are almost thirty and you most definitely are not a teenager anymore. It’s a bittersweet, gutting feeling, but it’s one that can affirm to you that you’ve matured over the years.

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Adulthood isn’t easy. The only people on the planet who think it is are children, and that’s because they see adults as free to do whatever they want. Then they grow up and get to adulthood, wistfully looking back at the carefree years of childhood that they took for granted. We always believe we become a ‘real’ adult when we tick the boxes of a house, family, career and degree. Those boxes being ticked make us feel like we have achieved all the milestones of life. You don’t think much about the fact you successfully manage a budget, consolidated your debts with Debtconsolidation.co and pay for health insurance. You don’t think about the fact you pull overtime where you can to make ends meet. Becoming adult is something exciting, until you get there. Then it just feels like one big joke of someone handing you lots of money for you to hand it to other people every month. So, to take some of the misery off adulthood, here are ten ways that you know you’ve reached it!

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  1. A homewares shop is as exciting as Disneyland. It just is. We can’t explain it.
  2. Sleep is something that gets harder and harder to come by, even when the kids are growing out of babyhood. But my, you appreciate it when you can get it.
  3. Netflix can no longer be binged on because you have too many other responsibilities and sleep is more important than knowing who dies in Grey’s Anatomy (spoiler alert).
  4. Debt isn’t just a monster in a story that your parents told you about, it’s your daily reality.
  5. 10pm on a Saturday night is when you want to be leaving a party, not going to it.
  6. Childish Christmas sweaters are actually something to be excited about, not embarrassed by.
  7. You have a work laugh. I’m sorry, we all have one.
  8. Your photos in your phone have gone from nights out with friends to twenty photos of your baby with differences so subtle only you would notice them.
  9. Loud noise in the house becomes too much for you, so you leave the television off.
  10. You now get the phrase ‘you’ll understand when you grow up’, because you have grown up. And you understand.

Adulthood isn’t all doom and gloom, though, not when there are shoes to be bought and no one to tell you that you cannot have chocolate at 6am for breakfast. Adulthood rocks, and it comes with twenty different forms of coffee to enjoy!

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