Hey guys, so I've noticed there are some new followers around here, so I'd thought I'll do 21 things you probably didn't know about me to get to know me a little a better, and I love reading blog post like these.So I hope you enjoy finding out some new facts about your's truly!. Let's get started, shall we!

  1. Capitan America is one of the few movies I can watch over and over again.
  2. I have never left the United Kingdom but hopefully, someday I will.
  3. When I was In University I toured with Take That for13 nights in London (was an epic memory and always will remember)
  4. John Barrowman is my future babe (haha only joking he's gay :() but really he is my inspiration for all I do. Because of him I never give up on what I love doing.
  5. Back in school, I was part the drama club, but I only remember doing Cats the musical and Bugsy Malone.
  6. I have a twin sister and shared a room with her for 23 years, I also have an older brother.
  7. I have a few learning disabilities Autism, Dysbrixa, and Dyslexia.
  8. When I work I have to listen to music because it helps me focus more (As I write this post I'm currently listening to music and blocking out the world)
  9. I run two youtube channels (you probably already knew that) Misstezzax and Moretezzax.
  10. I have never been on a friends holiday but soon will be changed ( a post will be made about that soon)
  11. I am learning to play the ukulele
  12. Back in school, I was part of the football team ( all I did was stand on the pitch, I'm terrible at football) but because of this, I got to meet the lovely David Beckham and also stared in the sun's newspaper with him.
  13. I hold a degree in web media ( hence why I started this blog)
  14. I have about 105+ more cousin on my mum's side of the family (that's including boyfriends and girlfriends)
  15. I own a sighed copy of Greece the Musical soundtrack on record that was my mums but now I got my hands on it ( hahaha)
  16. In college, I was part of a short film that showed people our heritage site around my area ( Royal Greenwich)
  17. I meet Prince Phillip from the Royal family, we threw (When I say we I mean we got invited)  him a party on the cutty sark.
  18. I do part-time volunteer work in a local  charity shop near me (Scope)
  19. I own all Apple products my aunt use to call me the apple girl of Royal Greenwich.
  20. When I was turning just two years old sadly my mum passed away and I don't remember much about her apart from stories family have told me about her.
  21. My favorite two quotes are she believed she could and do more what makes you happy.

What fact from the above list surprised you the most?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have a list of fun facts most people don't know about you, feel free to share. I'd love to read your answers.

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