Here is Day 2 of my 30 day blog challenge.20 Facts About Me//

1. My full name is Terri Ann Mary Helen Kenton.

2. I live with my dad and Sister

3. My natural hair colour is ginger

4. Im 24 years old

5. I'm a bookworm, I always will be

6. I have a twin sister named Vicky and an older brother named Adam

7. I live in a place called Eltham in Greenwhich

8. My favourite season is summer

9. I love lazy mornings and midnight snacks

10. I graduated from university over 3 years ago

11. My favourite pass time is blogging and editing, it really relaxes me

12. have an unhealthy obsession with Jaffa Cakes and Dr Pepper

13. Come from a large family with 2 aunts and 6 uncles

14. My favourite tv show is Chicago Fire and Shadowhunters

15. My favourite movie is Capitan America and The Bourne collection t

16. I was a student ambassador back in university

17. I toured with Take That in London

18. I own mostly apple products

19. I was in a short movie once...

20. I'm a lover for anything Italian....

Thank you for reading x