Your Favourite Quote?

I'm not really sure why this would tie in with a blog or a blogging challenge but my favourite quote of all time is but honestly, it's like asking a mother who her favourite child is. I am a quotes, I love and sometimes live by quotes. Don't ask me why. I think it's the comfort of knowing that someone else in the world feels the same way you do at that moment and time, and not only that but they have managed to put it all in to word when you couldn't and it all makes prefect sense to you, you almost feel like you can relate to that person who wrote the quote. They make you feel like you are not alone . Well that's why they are for me anyway.

I have several quotes which I adore and post frequently on my Instagram just as a little motivation for myself and others. My Instagram feed is full off inspiring quotes....

(Currently scrolling through my Instagram to pick my favourite)

I am going to give you 3 quotes which I adore because I can’t pick one and if I picked one only this would be a very short post hehe.


1.“ Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind."–– Bernard M. Maruch.

I am all about embracing who you are, and accepting who you are and loving who YOU are so I totally adore this quotes. It motivates me to keep doing me everyday and what I love. Whether it's posting videos of me talking about random crap online or writing this blog for everyone to see of even liking John Barrowman. That is who I am, it is what I love to do so I'm going to do it regardless of what people think. Every time I look at this quote it reminds me that who know they aren't like everyone else are the one's who are most happy in life. I just wish that more people could embrace their quirkiness and be who they want to be instead of changing who they are to fit in with the world around them!!


2. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

This quote could not describe me more to be honest and it is something I need to look back at every now and again to remind myself that there is a reason things don’t work out. I am terrible for always going back to thing and people that don't truly make me happy for sure and that is why we put ourselves  through so many try's at relationships when both people know it's not working out. Sometimes you just have to take a step back from everything and truly thing 'is this making me happy anymore?' most of the time when you have to ask yourself that question the answer is no.

But don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. Life is all about change. You don’t want to spend your life somewhere that makes you unhappy. Think about how much happier you would be if you were out of that situation, the possibilities are endless for love and relationships. Respect yourself enough to know when both your happiness and your friendships has been compromised. Don't dwell on the past it's not good for either you or the other person always look to the future and memories to come.


3. Do More of What Make's you Happy.


Final quote comes from google images, and is so simple, but it’s true – the older one grows, the more difficult this is to live by. I hold this one dearest to my being. because let's face we all like begin that lazy person once in a while and trust me on the weekend's that me for sure and I've used this saying for years, as I heard it from Youtube Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) and it really struck like chord with me because before that, I use to be the kind of person who wouldn't do something she loved  doing, so now I just go for it and not worry about regrets. Those can be worried about later on.


I have really enjoyed writing this piece, and I left like I put a lot of myself into it and I feel by seeing what quotes someone lives by gives you an insight into who what person is. Anyway's guys I hope you can take something away from this post and hopefully it can make you guys think a little more about the decisions you make both online and in life. I know for sure they have helped me out a lot.

So why not share with me some of you your favourite quotes and why?

Until next time,

Terri xo

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