In Today's post I'm supposed to tell you about my dream job.

My dream job is one where I don't have to work but the money keeps rolling in anyway. But isn't that everyone's dream? No one else? Just me? well okay then....

Seriously though, I have more then one dream job. The first is where I'm a developer.  For behind the senses really, coding is one of my strongest skill set. As I said before I do no consider myself a developer but I can code and I rather enjoy it, and I believe beyond belief that I can help anyone with their online needs and setting up a website.

I am also a full time curious being. And I’m one of those annoying students that love to learn. So if I could, I’d be a professional student.

Finally, what’s life without helping the unfortunate….my dream job is to help run a dog shelter and I know that this will be realized at one point or another.

Until next Time,

Terri xo