Finally, an easy one, the proudest moment of my life took place on — Tuesday 24th November 2015, 11 am —when I became a graduate from university. I was proud because back when I was in secondary school (high school) school I was told I could be nothing but a cleaner but I was proud because I did some

thing that so many people told me (or implied)  that I could not do: I graduated from University with a 2:2. 

Before Uni came around we (family and I) began researching other education/job options I could attend while being out of education. Of course, we were very realistic about the fact that, “When you make a plan, God laughs” and that anything could happen and so on and so forth. Whenever I said I wanted to be a web developer many people would literally laugh in my face when I said that.

But I finally overcome that obstacle and prove to myself that no matter what I can and  I will become what I want to become and do what I love to do. Graduating from university was my proudest moment because I graduated in something I love to do which is Web Development, and it proved people that I am capable of doing stuff without putting me down or telling me I can't do that or this.

The most common response that I heard was a very snarky — Oh, you say that now, but just wait… I am not sure why so many people (mostly old teachers & bullies) found it necessary to mock me and doubt me in this way. It was very hurtful. I tend to be non-confrontational, so I never fired back. I would always reply with a kind, Yes, you’re right. Only time will tell. One can’t really plan these things.

Yes, I pushed hard in life, to make my family and close friends proud of me. Yes I did get the moments where I wanted to give up education in year 2 term 2 I think I said to my dad 'I want to give up' and you  know what he said he said what would my tutor say?, I took that into thought I still did, and really if you know me at all, you know that I am one not to speak out - but to all of those snide-asses who think I could.... IN YOUR FACE! Ha! This is the first time I am saying any of this publicly. In fact, I’ve never even said this privately. It’s important, though. Don’t doubt people. Each of is stronger than we could ever imagine.


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    Terri xoxo

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