When considering your summer vacation, camping may be the last thing you want to do. Why would you ‘slum it’ in the great outdoors when you could cosy up in a hotel room instead? Okay, so we get the point. There is no room service on a camping trip unless you get your other half to run around after you. Still, there are some very good reasons why a camping trip may be just what you need. Consider the following and we may just change your mind about that hotel booking you recently made.

  1. Camping is about reconnecting with nature.

You are in the great outdoors, and there is much to savour. From sleeping under the night sky to watching the wildlife scamper through the undergrowth, this is an experience unlike any other. Okay, so it may get a little nippy at times, and the occasional insect might crawl into your tent, but the beauty of the world around you should overshadow these minor inconveniences. You see, you don’t need beaches, shopping malls and hotel luxuries to have a good time on holiday. Life is about enjoying the simple things, and getting back to mother nature is more relaxing than dealing with airports, tourists, rude hotel staff, and all those other annoyances that occur on vacation.

2. Camping is about getting away from it all

Let’s face it, life is stressful. There are the pressures of work, problems at home, and the many worries you have on a daily basis. You can escape some of these stresses by going on a camping holiday. Provided you pitch your tent away from other holidaymakers, you can finally begin to unwind and destress. It’s just you, some peace and quiet, and the opportunity to switch your mind off from the world you have at home. All you need to do is breathe and take in all the fresh air and beauty that nature can offer your frazzled mind.

  1. Camping is good for your physical health

Camping is fantastic for your mental health, but it’s great for your physical health too. There are plenty of ways to get the exercise you need. You could swim in a lake for example, or hike up a hill. You might want to bring your bike along with you and head out onto paths less-travelled. Climb a tree, chase a squirrel, go out in a canoe… the options are endless. Far better for you than sitting on a beach all day with a fruit cocktail, no matter how tempting that sounds.

  1. Camping is great for families

You don’t have to camp alone of course. If you have a family, you can create special bonding moments with them on the camping trip. Sit around a campfire and share stories (and marshmallows). Take part in activities together, such as games, fishing, and nature watching. Enjoy the time to talk without the hindrance of smart devices (assuming there is no wifi). A camping holiday is something you can all enjoy, without the stresses or expense of holidays abroad.


Have we convinced you yet? If so, head over to 4WD Supacentre for all your camping equipment needs, and then choose a location that is perfect for you. You won’t regret it, we promise, and it may just be the first of many camping holidays ahead of you.


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