Hey upper east siders,

So some of you lovely readers know I haven’t left the country at all yet again I don’t even own a passport. However, for this post, I thought I'd tell you guys about the 5 places I would love to visit and give you a reason to as why I love to go there.

Paris – Disney Land

So the first place I would love to visit would be Paris just for Disney land because if you know me personally you know I'm mad about Micky Mouse and Disney is the one place I've always wanted to ever since I were a kid. I believe that everyone has gone to Disney once in their lifetime because it’s a magical experience and come on who wouldn’t love to Disney.


The next place on the list would have to be Hawaii, and if I ever go Hawaii I would defiantly be going with my aunt Julie just because we both watch Hawaii 5 0 and it’s a beatfuil too. I would also love to go Hawaii because of the beaches and it just seems like a lovely place to visit.

NYC  - New York City
This place is always on my list of places to visit, just because who wouldn't want to go to NYC. I mean like it’s like the best place on earth don't get me wrong I love London but if I were to travel for a year I’d make sure NYC is on the list. Because again NYC is my favourite place even though I've never been but I’d like to experience Brooklyn bridge in person. If some of you watch my YouTube videos then you know that I Brooklyn bridge on my feature wall.

Italy - Rome  

I've decided to put italy Rome because again this is one play I've always said I wanted to go, because it's romantic and I'd love to see the building and secenry. Because it such a beautiful place to go to, and I would love to Italy because it reminds me of the Jason Bourne films because if I'm correct some of the sences were filmed in Italy and Paris.

England – Brighton

The reason I put Brighton in is because this is one place I’d went for a birthday surprise with my brother and his girlfriend but we didn’t stay long and we didn’t really spend much looking around the sites. So again this is one place I would defiantly like to go and spend much more time with and spend time at the beach.