Recently I have found the past few weeks has been hard for most of us whether it's, due to stress from school, home, work or youtube, or even the current season of Shadowhunters. I'm pretty sure we could all use a hug about right now, When I'm feeling down stressed with the real world's struggles I tend to give myself breaks by escaping to a favourite tv show for a few hours, There's nothing better than a "feel good" show that takes your mind off of your problems for a few hours. Here is a list of mine you can currently binge watch on Netflix, the next time you're in need of some warm fuzzies.


This is an oldie but goodie, and one of my all time favourite there isn't a bad day that an episode can't fix. (or at least make it better for a while). I love putting this show on when I need a little pick-me-up, and it's also perfect to binge watch with friends and family as it's a great show for all. I sometimes put this show on in the background when I'm woking on my computer, I know a lot of people have only seen a few episodes at random but, trust me, sit down and watch the series from the beginning to end because it's just so good.


I'd admit it. I only started watching this show because everyone was talking about it, getting turned into a tv series as it's original a film. A very close friend also got me into the show, having binged watch the entire first season in a matter of a day. I wish I started the show when It first got aired on screen, It's such a wholesome show and It's not hard to fall in love with the characters. The storylines are always leaving you gritting your teeth and it always makes you want to go back. If you haven't already you defiantly should check it out, after the first episode I fell in love with Jace Lightwood ( Dominic Sherwood) and I'm sure you would too.

Full House & Fuller House 

By now everyone knows's this show, it doesn't even need a description,  it's one show that will have you laughing after one episode. As it follows 3 guys bringing up 3 girls now what could go wrong with that? Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) will forever be one of my favourite television characters ever and watching the shenanigans he gets up to with the girls.  John Stamos never fails to make me laugh. If you haven't watched the show ye, take an even to binge watch Full House first to understand the story line then if you like it you definitely should check it out Fuller House, I've been told it's a crowd pleaser and what's better then a family sitcom.

Pretty Little Liars 

I love Pretty Little Liars because it's just so frightening and thrilling, everything about it from the characters to the storylines to Ashley Benson's wardrobe is so cute and quirky, this is another show I love due to it's always leaving you guessing to see what happens next. And overall the show itself is just as amazing just as the actors are. The town itself it also cute a quirky in its own mysterious ways.  It's definitely one to check out if you're into the mysteries shows. and I would totally recommend it,

White Collar 

I would have never watched this show before my dad introduce it to me and wouldn't stop badgering me to give it a try. We;; he was right This show is fall of drama, romantic and funny basically everything I want in "feel good show" After a few episodes you become enthralled with the cast of characters and fall in love with the office and apartment. Also, Neal Caffery ( Matt Bomer) & Peter Burke aren't too bad to look at either. :);

What is your favourite "feel good" shows to watch? let me know in the comments

XOXOX - Terri

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