Guys, I don't want to get your knickers in a twist but Summer's here, I smell sizzling away in the background with barbecued halloumi, cornettos and a giant pitchers of Watermelon?

As today is the 29th June I thought I'd write a little post about all the things I'm most excited about over the next few moths.

However I would actually say summer is not my favourite season, but I really blinkin' adore the feeling that lingers in the air at this time of year. I can't really describe it, it's like uh happiness, excitement and light-heartedness? it's like everything suddenly feels manageable and achievable and I for one am all about that life. I have quite a lot plan for this summer but these are only some I'm most looking forward too.

Summer, I’m ready for ya <3


I decided last year, that I would attend Summer in the city  every year if possible. As last summer was my first time attending and it was awesome, despite the fact that my feet and back were killing when I got home due to walking around all day.

We travelled to the venu in style by the cable carts with were amazing, to look out at the views, and managed to meet quite a few Youtubers that we wanted to meet and overall we had one of the best days ever.. I’m hoping it'll be amazing and even greater this year and will be on heck of an adventure.


Some point over the summer, the family and I are planning a long weekend road trip to GREAT YARMOUTH,  for what will fingers be a great trip as most of you by now know I haven't been traveling a lot but hopefully that will change soon and it's looks like GREAT YARMOUTH will be my first trip away.

So far it's looks like it's still going to plan, and sounds like it's going to be one heck of an adventure. We'll only be gone for a weekend and I plan on taking my camera (maybe my laptop) with me, so I'll definitely do a holiday post.


As most of you probably know by now I have my own bedroom, since April last year. HUZZAH! To cut a pretty boring story short, I'm in need of a redecorate as some walls need re-plastering and panting, woodwork needs doing and a new door news fitting. So the aim of this summer is to hopefully get it done and  put up a few selves.

I'll whip up a little interiors post when it's done, but it just need a lick of paint, shelves ect you get the picture right? and it'll pretty much be like having a space I can finally call mine right?


My favourite part of summer (aside from hanging with friends, sunshine, holidays and all that jazzy stuff) is how easy getting dressed is. You throw on a floaty skirt & top, you make the ginormous decision  between espadrille wedges and flat sandals and you get on your merry way. Simply easy to get dress in the summer.

The latest addition to my wardrobe is  this white cross neck top and black skirt, from Asda George. I love the style of this top as it actually fits my boobs and looks really nice one and the skirt stops just above the knees which makes it prefect. Let's just also just a minute for that Mickey Mouse bag I mean not fit a lot it in but it fits my camera and phone and card wallet so it'd prefect.


          Me and my pal Stevie who shoots all my photos are hoping to go on a few day trips trips summer around our local town  to take outfit photos, selfies  (and  y'know, maybe find some cool new location). I have a post on a day trip we did last year so  go back and see what we get up to.

So you know watch this space or something like that.


This summer I plan on blogging more regularly on this blog, because I kind of miss it and want to get into another hobby other than youtubing, and with writing I feel as I express my feeling and such which is all good.

I want to make it my goal this summer to actually keep on top of this blog and blog quite frequently. With that begin said I'm planning quite a few post over the next coming days so do keep you're eyes pilled.


Now that I have shared 6 things I'm most looking forward to this summer comment below what you're most looking forward and one thing you're not looking forward me those summer nights when you just cant sleep!

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