If you’re a Disney fan, then you’ll know the lines ‘give me one good reason why one should become a grown up’ was said by Peter Pan, the kid that never wanted to grow up. But here’s the thing Peter, we aren’t all that lucky. And there are plenty of reasons why you need to become a grown up, from moving out of your parents home to needing to pay bills and getting a job. So it’s not like you ask for these things in your life, they kind of just start happening, and it is what we now call ‘adulting’. Yes, that’s right, responsibility, jobs, bills, and payments; the fun doesn’t stop. But as I set one of my goals for the year to save and do the ‘boring adult stuff’, then I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks for adulting well this year. Is there anything else that you would add?


Save Money

As tempting as it can be when you’re fresh out of University and getting a proper job, to just keep spending and spending, the need to save is real. From trips around the world, to a mortgage deposit or a new car, it all needs to be saved for. So if you want to live well and do the things you’ve always dreamt of, then saving is really key. Setting aside a small amount each week can really help and it does all add up.

Avoid Debt

Okay, I’ll explain this fully. Some debt can’t be easily avoided, like a mortgage or for a car. In those instances, you may need to look a getting personal bank loans to pay it all off. But the debt to be avoiding is consumer debt. Don’t get into debt for clothes shopping or for things to do at the weekend, for example. That really isn’t necessary and can spiral out of control if you let it.


Snore! But the truth is, budgeting is going to be the best way to take care of the first two points here. When you set yourself a budget you know what you have to spend, which means you can avoid debt, and be able to save. So as dull as it can be to sit down and go through your finances, it can really help you to adult well and keep your finances under control.

Set Goals

Being a young adult is a great time for many reasons. One of which is that the world is your oyster. Before you get too tied down with a career or family commitments, it can be a great time to travel, see sights, or tick things off your bucket list. So set yourself some goals; what do you want to do? Looking back at your twenties and remembering all of the things that you did can be great. So set yourself some goals and spend your time wisely.

What helps you to adult? It would be fun to hear what you think.

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