On a hot, hazy day in the middle of June the family and I decided it was good a day to head to the beach. The sun was bright yellow ball in the sky as we drove to the closet beach. Just a side note the family and are jokers on roads all on phones and singning along to the raido. Pulling into an empty parking spot we walked around to the sea front. The beach was busting with people dressed in bright coloured swimsuits. Many people were lying on bright colored beach towls and beach chairs, trying to turn their skins from white to golden bronze shade.

As we got to the seafront, we had a look around to see what resturants were about as we were all hungry after a long drive. We decided on getting savalouy and chips just because if you go the beach it's a must and we all didn't want much heavy food like bugars ect. After we finshed our food we dieced to sit on the wall that connected to the beach to take picutres and chill out for a while, as dad got a new camrea and were testing it out. (Which I'm terrible jeslous about)...

As you can see from the pictures below we had a little photoshoot on the beach,  which I have to give most credit to Callum for these pictures I just had to use them because they were quite impressive. After we finshed our photoshoot we head to the arcades were we spent about 2-4 hours in and won quite a few tokens again I some how managed to get everyone's tickets. (SCORE) We then headed back outside and got an ice cream but I eneded up with a drink instead, because the flavours didn't apple to me.

We then looked around the rides but didn't go on any, because at this point Callum had left us and my sister wouldn't come on a ride with me and I wouldn't go alone. So we just we to the arcade part again were again I got the tickets we did the duck grabbing game, many claw grabber games but always lost. Me and the sister even attemped to play air hockey in which I lost but I bet her at  the basketball game with a score of 44. So after we done many hours in the arcdes we headed to the survior shop to grab a rock for my aunt and two magnets because Debs and I collect magangets from all the places we've been too.

Then we headed back to the car and took the long drive back home but first we stopped off at Bluewater to grab birthday card's and ballow's for my nan as it was her birthday too so Nan Happy Birthday xxxx

Much love Tezza xxxx



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