"I'm not getting old, I'm getting better".

Hey guys, welcome back to another post, as you may have noticed I have dedicated Tuesdays as my new blog post upload.

But today's blog post is going to be about how I am going to be spending my 25th Birthday. As I turn 25 on Friday 9th February 2018. (I'm well excited)

So for my birthday this year, I actually get to have a two-day celebration because on Thursday after work I get to meet up with my sister and family friend for lunch, then we're going to get our nails done. Then the sister and I are off to see my aunt for a bit as she lives close by.

Then once I've finished with the aunt It'll be time for us to come home, and then I'll be getting ready for a sleepover with Stevie so I'm pretty excited about it we're probably going to have some wine, and watch some horror films. On my actual birthday, (The Friday) Stevie and I then will be poping up to our local high street to get out eyebrows down and then go for lunch which probably will be KFC...

After we've finished with the shops, I would then come home and get ready for the family birthday meal, and we'll be going to Frankie and bennies, one of my favorite meals. I think this birthday will be amazing and sweet because I get to spend it with family and friends.

Let me know in the comments down below your birthday, just comment the day....

Love MT xxxx

  Hey guys, so I've noticed there are some new followers around here, so I'd thought I'll do 21 things you probably didn't know about me to get to know me a little a better, and I love reading blog post like these.So I hope you enjoy finding out some new facts about your's truly!. Let's get started, shall we!

  1. Capitan America is one of the few movies I can watch over and over again.
  2. I have never left the United Kingdom but hopefully, someday I will.
  3. When I was In University I toured with Take That for13 nights in London (was an epic memory and always will remember)
  4. John Barrowman is my future babe (haha only joking he's gay :() but really he is my inspiration for all I do. Because of him I never give up on what I love doing.
  5. Back in school, I was part the drama club, but I only remember doing Cats the musical and Bugsy Malone.
  6. I have a twin sister and shared a room with her for 23 years, I also have an older brother.
  7. I have a few learning disabilities Autism, Dysbrixa, and Dyslexia.
  8. When I work I have to listen to music because it helps me focus more (As I write this post I'm currently listening to music and blocking out the world)
  9. I run two youtube channels (you probably already knew that) Misstezzax and Moretezzax.
  10. I have never been on a friends holiday but soon will be changed ( a post will be made about that soon)
  11. I am learning to play the ukulele
  12. Back in school, I was part of the football team ( all I did was stand on the pitch, I'm terrible at football) but because of this, I got to meet the lovely David Beckham and also stared in the sun's newspaper with him.
  13. I hold a degree in web media ( hence why I started this blog)
  14. I have about 105+ more cousin on my mum's side of the family (that's including boyfriends and girlfriends)
  15. I own a sighed copy of Greece the Musical soundtrack on record that was my mums but now I got my hands on it ( hahaha)
  16. In college, I was part of a short film that showed people our heritage site around my area ( Royal Greenwich)
  17. I meet Prince Phillip from the Royal family, we threw (When I say we I mean we got invited)  him a party on the cutty sark.
  18. I do part-time volunteer work in a local  charity shop near me (Scope)
  19. I own all Apple products my aunt use to call me the apple girl of Royal Greenwich.
  20. When I was turning just two years old sadly my mum passed away and I don't remember much about her apart from stories family have told me about her.
  21. My favorite two quotes are she believed she could and do more what makes you happy.

What fact from the above list surprised you the most?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have a list of fun facts most people don't know about you, feel free to share. I'd love to read your answers.


Yes, I have become one of those who's little obsessed with their phone, checking it before bed, if I've woken up in the night and checking that I've seen all my notifications. Sounds familiar?

Besides I probably spend way to much time on my iPhone, so I thought I'd share some apps that I'm finding important at the moment, bare in mind these are just my opinions.


Starting of with WordPress, I use WordPress app every day, you can use it to catch up on the latest blog post from people you follow.  Check your blog stats eat. You can even use it to write a blog post and publish it when it is ready, which is a future I enjoy using when I’m not on my pc or laptop. 


I saw this to jot down all my blogging post ideas I think off. I also use it to start writing my blog post especially again when I’m out and about. I  can easily airdrop it to my mac and finish editing them on the computer and post when ready. This app is really handy to use it’s one of my most used apps.


As a blogger who’s busy, there isn’t often a chance to tweet especially when working, so this is perfect you can schedule up to 10 tweets in advance once posted you can then rebuffer. You can also use it to schedule post on Instagram and Facebook. It ha a handy analyst tool so you can see how many clicks your link got. This can help you to maximise the engagement with other Twitter users especially as twitter is where I get most of my blog traffic from.


I’ve tried a few photo editing apps, and aside from the usual features on instagram, I tend too use preview to either add a filter to my photos and sometimes sharpening and adjust the lighting slightly. It’s really easy to use and has a great rang of filters. in the preview app you can also schedule when you want  to post to Instagram and you can find out about your instagram pictures stats too. I would recommend this app if you’re really into the whole editing I have attached a link so you can totally go download it.

I’d recommend checking all of these apps out. They can all be downloaded on the app store and the beauty is that they are all free (unless you want premium upgrades).

Have you tried these apps? What are your favourite apps to use as a blogger? x.

The inconveniences started, as they so often do, with a woman. Not in a sappy, romantic adventure sort of way; but in that specific manner that always seems to follow the introduction of two people who, for better or worse, were going to be stuck with each other for a good long while. That the person in question was a woman, it could be posited, was entirely irrelevant. But it was a woman nonetheless, and no one could deny the inconveniences started with her.

She stood exactly five foot seven, with short, dark hair worn in a fashionable pixie cut with a single magenta stripe in the front, obviously done by a professional. She was just on the lean side of curvy, but with taut thighs and a hint of definition in the muscles of her shoulders and arms. The shape and tone reminded Roland of a dancer’s body. It was the body of someone who took care of her health and fitness without getting obsessed with it. He decided it was a good body.

Roland approved of the look, in the style of banal acknowledgement that the males of the species were inclined to bestow upon the females, entirely unencumbered by the females’ complete and utter disinterest in such. Roland had grown accustomed to the disinterest of women, so his approval went unvocalized and subsequently unacknowledged. This was probably for the best since Roland was not the kind of man women wanted any kind of acknowledgement from. Most people were happier if Roland did not acknowledge them at all. So was Roland. It was a system that worked for everyone.

Other than her general good looks, there were other reasons to keep an eye on the girl... no... woman as she entered the room. Roland adjusted his estimation of her age to mid-thirties as her face caught the dim light near the bar. Pretty face, too, he acknowledged. Not that it mattered.

No, she commanded the eye for reasons other than attractiveness. First among the interesting phenomena was her presence here at all. This was a spacer’s bar; located one long block from Farragut Shipping’s main platform. Arguably cleaner than most Dockside watering holes to be sure, but the furniture and décor were showing their age. As were many of the patrons, for that matter. The lights burned dim and yellow, and both music and clientele leaned towards the ‘loud’ and ‘old’ ends of the spectrum for either. The bar, a long hardwood affair at the back of the room, had more gouges than grain left in it.

Coincidentally, this is how an astute observer might have described the bartender as well.

It was an old-school watering hole, with old school sensibilities. It did not have a stage for bands to play, nor did it have a wine list. Beer they had though, in wonderful variety and quality, which elevated ‘The Smoking Wreck’ above most gin mills this side of the Sprawl. The suds ran cold and flowed cheaply. This pleased the clientele; who were decent enough folk (for Dockside, at least).

The uniqueness of the surroundings and the patrons meant no one came here except longshoremen, spacers, pimps, thieves, and whores. She did not belong to any of those groups, Roland was sure. Her clothes appeared nice and fashionable, but also practical. She wore tight blue pants with black leather boots that rose to just below the knee, with a wide belt trimmed to match the leather of her footwear. A black shirt made of some style of shimmery material that looked comfortable and durable covered her upper body. It had no sleeves and had been tailored snug against her body. Not sleazy-snug... more like... fitted. It was a garment for practical purposes, and it looked well made. She carried a small bag over one shoulder. Black, and about eight square inches in size, it sported a simple silver button at the flap. Everything about her screamed “Upper-class socialite.” Which made her a very strange addition to the current cohort of Dockside lowlifes and ambitious street scum who liked this bar. “The Smoking Wreck” wasn’t just a wry turn of phrase; it was truth in advertising.

Second, she moved funny. She was twitchy as if hopped up on chemical speed or perhaps neurologically augmented. This might make her presence more à propos, but her eyes were clear and there was no sign of ataxia or shuffling. When she spoke to the bartender, her voice was a sure, unshaken alto that neither stammered nor slurred. To Roland’s practiced eye, she didn’t look like she was on anything. But every move she made had the aspect of an old film reel run at a speed just a little faster than it should have been. The woman walked too fast. She talked too fast. Her hands darted like striking cobras with even the most basic movements. The effect appeared subtle, but consistent. Roland doubted anyone but he had even noticed it.

The last thing keeping Roland’s attention on the girl was what she said to the bartender. It started innocuous enough, and Roland could hear it quite well despite the noisy bar.

“I’m trying to find someone. I was told he would be here.”

Hello there!

I think it's safe to say it's the new year, with only a day left of 2017 I thought I'd be best to talk about my goals for 2018. In my opinion, though 2017 has been one of the shortest years. Every year seems to be the shortest one. Do you have

I think everyone has realized it is almost 2018! In my opinion 2017 has been one of the shortest years since 2000. Actually… Every year seems to be the shortest one. Do you have that feeling as well? At least I do, but let me know in the comments!

I thought long and hard about what I actually wanted to achieve next year but thinking of New Year's resolutions is harder than you'd think! But I'm going to go ahead and set some new resolutions for 2018! Typing that is so weird.

2018 Goals

  1. Relaunch Kenton Productions 

I think this one is a done deal! If I put the work in and I am really determined to achieve it, so I believe it will happen uncless something awful and dramatic stops me. I enjoy having a goal and a target to work towards, it makes each day feel a little more worth it. So I planning on redesigning my website and planning to start a free web design class online which I'm looking forward too.

2. Improve my content and photography.

I did say that I had improved from last year but that doesn't mean I don't want to keep improving - there's always room for improvement in terms of my blog and I don't think it'll ever be perfect, which is fine because I don't want it to be. I'm going to post less posts, but more high quality ones, so I feel less pressure to have lots of posts out and instead strive to put out the best posts I can. For photography, I want to experiment more with flatlays and become more comfortable with being in front of my camera myself. Posing practise all day.

3. Boring adult things - start to save .

It's simple next year I have a few exciting weekends planned, so I definitely need to save up for those especially for my first friend weekend away with out any parents. And of course YouTube events as-well, so I'm planning to save up and so I'm doing well as I've started early so I'll just keep that going aye.

4. Continue to be happy.

A more general one for next year - I just want to keep being happy and I'm going to focus more on making sure the people and things in my life are making my as happy as I can be. If not, why not? Can I get rid of them or fix them? It's important to me that I'm enjoying my life and I want to make sure that 2018 is an amazing year, because it definitely has the potential to be. I do recognise that life isn't all happy all the time and I will have down days, which is totally normal and I'm more than prepared for that. I just want to lead a happy, content life and strive to be the best I can be.

What are your goals for 2018?

Yesterday evening, our family excitedly headed to Ruxley Manor, now I have been to Ruxleys plenty of times before especially at Christmas time. But tonight was our first time ice skating, contrary to what the the title says, I went on the ice with Stevie but for a few minutes as I kept falling over.

I tried to skate but every-time I did I was afraid I would fall over, this was because the ice too slippery and the skates were hurting our feet so me and Stevie came of early.

Ice skating is something that we've said we wanted to do but have never tried. The ice rink is located in near the Christmas shops, and is not far from the food hall. We're lucky and managed to park right outside the entrance.

I have no idea why it took us so long to go ice skating! Yeah I feel over and came of early but I still loved it. After we finished ice skating, Stevie, her mum and I headed to have a little look around the Christmas shop they had. Some of it was pretty nice.

As we were walking around, of course Stevie and I had to stop every minute, and take a selfie because the lighting in Ruxely was amazing to take pictures.

Once we've all had a look around, we meet up with my dad back at the car but before that I stopped in the shop and picked up a Fanta Apple, because I love that stuff and there's only a few places you can get over here in the uk.

I really like the Ruxely Manor ice rink because I feel like it's just the right size! It was just the prefect size but the time we went, it was pretty packed out. But as I mentioned earlier I did fall over, but a nice couple nearby helped me up and I felt so bad because I didn't even say Thank-you, (so if you're reading most probably but Thank-you for you're help anyway) It really warmed my heart to see these young couple helping and encouraging me to keep going All around, I felt really comfortable to be on ice with lovely people.

Until next time,

Love Terri