Welcome to Day 11 of Blogmas! Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Next to Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday but it isn’t just the holiday. It’s every thing the holiday represents. Good Cheer, Christmas decorations, hot chocolate, snowmen, and being with family. What Christmas Means To Me? When all
Happy Blogmas, everyone and welcome back to day 10 of Blogmas! Continuing from Secret Santa gift guides, I decided to do a stocking filler guide and guess what?? It's all under £10! Sometimes you see some peoples guides and they have stocking fillers at £40-50 and great for them that they can afford to
Secret Santa is one of those traditions that sounds super fun, but when you pull a name out of a hat and realise you don’t know who the hell it is (let alone what they’d think was an awesome Christmas gift), it becomes more of a chore than a festivity.