Hey everyone,

Can we start of is wow, congratulations girl on owning your own Primark range and book that incredible so proud. I just wanted to write an open letter you, to thank-you for everything you’ve done for me.

Thank-you for making me believe that, is you believe yourself you can do what ever you’re heart desires. My confidence has grown just by watching her videos, and she’s gets me through the bad times of life.

Saffron Baker, is my influencer because she shows that she’s compassionate about what she does. She has a rare mixture of talent and beauty, when she add her hard work she never gives up.

Saffron has taught me a lot, and because of her that is why I love making videos and writing blog post. Thank-you again for begin my role model and inspiration, because of you I now have the confidence to presume in my dreams and careers.

You have inspired me to be the best, and shown people that if I believe I can do it. So again I just wanted to say thank you, with your videos and love for everyone around you, I’d don’t think I’ll have the confidence in me to do what I do.

I’ve gone through a few rough patches in my life (too many to count) but with you’re videos you remind me that today, the present is what count. I’ve lost my mum at a young age, but she would always tells me believe in you’re self and I just want to thank-you for reminding me an important lesson she taught me.

So thank-you again saffron, sorry this was quite short but hope you enjoyed it.

Love Tezzax 💕

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