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The music world really has produced some wonders. Some performances have been done this year that will go down in history as being the best. Some, on the other hand, will definitely be going down in history as the worst. Let us not forget X-Factor and Honey G’s ever-amusing performances. Especially when she tried to knee slide across the floor in leather jeans, ending in a near face plant. But there really are some music giants out there that have really gone to town with their performances with year. As the years go on, they really do learn how to put on a good show. Below is some of the best this year has had to offer.


Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher tormented and teased his millions of doting fans about his impending album for months. When it dropped the world went wild. Since the split of the infamous band, a lot of people were left with a huge hole in their heart. The pair barely did anything music wise, in fact, the pair of them barely did anything at all. There was a time when whispers of the band reuniting for a performance were circulating. But due to a highly uncommon dispute between the brothers, the show never went ahead. More on the disputes they have can be found here But then, after months of waiting Liam finally went on tour. Each show sold out, and the atmosphere at all of them was just incredible. There were no magical flashing lights, acrobats, fire shooting out. All the show needed to be Liam, his backup singers, and instruments, and the crowds vibe to make the show electric.



P!nk has the ability to put on an incredible show no matter where she is. She’s actually touring at the minute, tickets of said tour can be found on sites such as Her best performance definitely came earlier in 2017. She performed at the VMA’s in a floating car above the crowds head, playing all her old and new songs. A health and safety nightmare waiting to happen surely, but it just shows how daring P!nk is willing to go in order to give her fans a good show. Other have followed similar patterns of craziness. Her shows all give you something to remember.



Beyonce is just a natural performer, isn’t she? Beyonce has obviously taken a back seat due to the pregnancy, and recent birth of her new twins. But at the start of January, she did one last show that stole the hearts of many people around the world. Beyonce brings sassiness to any gig she performs at, and this was no exception. One final blowout before she hung her music boots up for a while, she really did smash the show.  In typical Beyonce style, there was perfect choreography and incredible vocals, all performed by herself, as well as having her sassy crew in the background doing the moves with her. She is and always has been a natural born show woman. Any concert she does is full of energy and fun.

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