Hey everyone today is the start of blog 2017,  this year is my first year taking part in Blogmas. So I  hope to make you all proud and do my very best in these upcoming post. However, for my first blogmas post, I thought of starting off with my Christmas wishlist so here goes:

  1. Small Studio Light
  2. Charger and battery for my camera.
  3. Marble Journal
  4. Film My Poloriod Min 8
  5. Youtube Merch (Ingram Family & Pointless Blog)
  6. Saffron Baker Book
  7. Saffron Baker Bedding + Notebook
  8. Makeup
  9. Record either Ed Sheeran divided, One Direction Four, Olly Murs or Greece.
  10.  Art Supplies
  11. Phone Case for my new phone
  12. Tv Box
  13. Curling Tongs
  14. Record Player
  15. Fairy Lights
  16. New Travel Mug
  17. New Purse
  18. A Nice Frame
  19. Money For Holiday Next Year.

Well, guys, that's my list, it's short I know but tomorrow's post is exciting so stay tuned for that. Also, I have attached a video version of this post over on my youtube channel so why not go show it some love aye. ( I'll link it when it's up)

What are you guys asking for Christmas this year? Leave me a comment below.

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