Welcome to Day 11 of Blogmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Next to Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday but it isn’t just the holiday. It’s every thing the holiday represents. Good Cheer, Christmas decorations, hot chocolate, snowmen, and being with family.

What Christmas Means To Me?

When all the twinkly lights start going up and the Christmas songs start playing, you can’t help but get a warming feeling inside you – even when the weather is absolutely freeeeezing! There are so…

Spending Time With Loved Ones

I know, I know, I know this sounds so cheesy but one of the best things about Christmas is being surrounded by everyone you love. Christmas is a time to be spent with all the people you love, which is something Im very much looking forward to this year. And I will be reminding myself that I am so lucky to have loved ones with me, loving parents and siblings and the most supportive group of friends

Blasting Out The Christmas Songs

Nothing gets you in a better mood than listening to a Christmas song on full volume and singing along. As it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and will always put a smile on your face! Who doesn’t enjoy belting out ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree‘ at the top of their lungs?!

Seeing Others Open Their Gifts

I absolutely love taking the time to pick out and choose gifts that I know my family will love. Seeing their faces when they open their presents is one of the best feelings ever! I just myself hate opening presents in front of people… I find it so awkward! I much prefer being the gift giver instead.

Giving Back

I feel like it is always important to give back in some way or another to show your appreciation for everything you have. Whether that be making a donation to a charity through time or money or even just having a clearout and passing on items that you don’t need anymore.This year most of you guys know I've been volunteering at a local charity shop near me called, Scope and in a way I am giving back.

What does Christmas mean to you? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at misstezzax. I'll see you guys in tomorrow's post..

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