Blogmas Day 17 // My First Time Iceskating

Yesterday evening, our family excitedly headed to Ruxley Manor, now I have been to Ruxleys plenty of times before especially at Christmas time. But tonight was our first time ice skating, contrary to what the the title says, I went on the ice with Stevie but for a few minutes as I kept falling over.

I tried to skate but every-time I did I was afraid I would fall over, this was because the ice too slippery and the skates were hurting our feet so me and Stevie came of early.

Ice skating is something that we've said we wanted to do but have never tried. The ice rink is located in near the Christmas shops, and is not far from the food hall. We're lucky and managed to park right outside the entrance.

I have no idea why it took us so long to go ice skating! Yeah I feel over and came of early but I still loved it. After we finished ice skating, Stevie, her mum and I headed to have a little look around the Christmas shop they had. Some of it was pretty nice.

As we were walking around, of course Stevie and I had to stop every minute, and take a selfie because the lighting in Ruxely was amazing to take pictures.

Once we've all had a look around, we meet up with my dad back at the car but before that I stopped in the shop and picked up a Fanta Apple, because I love that stuff and there's only a few places you can get over here in the uk.

I really like the Ruxely Manor ice rink because I feel like it's just the right size! It was just the prefect size but the time we went, it was pretty packed out. But as I mentioned earlier I did fall over, but a nice couple nearby helped me up and I felt so bad because I didn't even say Thank-you, (so if you're reading most probably but Thank-you for you're help anyway) It really warmed my heart to see these young couple helping and encouraging me to keep going All around, I felt really comfortable to be on ice with lovely people.

Until next time,

Love Terri


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 17 // My First Time Iceskating

  1. This sounds and looks like such a fun day. I’ve not been ice-skating in years since I was just a wee girl, I keep saying I need to do it some time. If it was pretty busy like you said I would probably be dead anxious & nervous so maybe I’ll wait until after X-mas time because the novelty will probably die down a bit.

    Great post girl & good on you for sticking to your guns with blogmas! It’s not easy! So well done!

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Thankyou means so much to read lovely comments, and I’m try my best 💞 I’m you’ll love ice skating it was so much fun, and Thankyou so much lovely 💕💕

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