Hey guys, Today's post is going to be a bit different, as it is a poem I wrote dedicated to my mother. I wrote this poem to express how much I miss my mother this year and I titled this poem How I Miss You...  P.s hope you guys enjoy this little poem,

Mum, How I Miss You!! 

Mum, how I miss your touch

I love you very much

The secrets that we share

Knowing you've "been there"

The bond between us

So Mom. I just want to say

Have a great day, where ever you are

I wish I could be there

I really care

Even though I'm miles away

Far, even far away

You make everything okay

You and only you

can take away all my blues

Mom, you know you are my best friend

You will be until the end

I'll see you soon and when I do

I'll show you with all my love

Great big hugs are overdue

Mom, How Much I Miss You....

Miss you mum, Thankyou for everything and always begin there for me. I love you, mum, forever and always.

That's all for day 4, hope you guys enjoyed the little poem be sure to come back for day 5 of blogmas.

Love you all,


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