If you hadn’t already guessed it, Christmas is by far my favorite celebration. I just love everything about it. The food, the meaning, the lights, the love, the movies. It would be hard to top sitting by the Christmas tree with a hot chocolate and watch a good Christmas movie. Which festive movie is the best? I’m not going to attempt to answer that questions, however, I will share with you 5 of my favorites. In no particular order. Let’s get this list going shall we?

Home Alone

To begin with, I have to go with Home Alone Collection. The one movie that’s no doubt is number one on most of people’s list. All are great wholesome movies, with classic gags and tricks. Every year these are on my watch list. In addition to viewing great movies, you will also gain some pretty awesome home protection skills. I’ll be sure to watch at least of this movies.

A Christmas Prince

Next up is a Christmas Prince this one’s got your classic archetypes: She’s gorgeous, yet established as approachable because she’s constantly breaking things; he’s got a media frenzy around him claiming he’s a drunk womanizer, but he must be misunderstood. Here, even the queen of Not England is up for having fun. There are other characters, including a wise-cracking younger sister, a sage wisdom-dispensing dad, and a pair of evil-plotting royal relatives – but let’s face it, we’re just here for some rags-to-riches romance.

Mickey’s Christmas Carole

You can’t beat a good Disney movie at Christmas, and I have to with my all time favorite Mickey’s Christmas Carole. It was a fun special. This special may not have gone out of its way for any exaggerated humor or forced jokes, but that’s exactly why it managed to be humorous. It’s a well written special and the kind of program that you couldn’t really expect to find nowadays. There’s just something to be said for these classic characters adapting such a classic story. I definitely recommend it for Christmas and I’m sure that I’ll be seeing more Christmas programs before the year is up.


Satanaaaaa – Elf is a modern classic. Will Ferrell nails this role and the ability to give us all that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling inside. I challenge anyone to watch this Christmas movie and not laugh out loud at the yellow taxi knock down the scene. After he creeps out of his crib at the orphanage and into Santa’s bag, Buddy is raised at the North Pole and works in Santa’s workshop with the elves. Shocked when he finally discovers he’s human, not elf, Buddy goes to New York in search of his father, who turns out to be in need of some Christmas cheer.

The Santa Clause 

Last up is drum roll please, The Santa Clause it’s  an instant Christmas classic. A unique idea brought to life with a great story, good acting especially with a great performance from Time Allen. It’s a is a great family film for the holidays. But can be a bit dumb from time to time but Tim Allen seems to love what he is doing which pays off in the film.

Among these are much more on my list, maybe I’ll do a part two? but for now, that’s all for me. Let me know in the comments below your favorite Christmas movies to watch?


Tezzax xxx

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