Writer’s block can happen even the best of bloggers and it can be so frustrating. Lately, I have been struggling with writers blocks myself so I have compiled a list of 50 blog post ideas for December which should hopefully, help when the dreaded writer’s block hits! I have to admit I will probably be using some of this myself throughout Blogmas.

What is Blogmas/Vlogmas? It’s when you post every day throughout December, filled with Christmas related content, counting down to the big day. It’s becoming incredibly popular and today’s post should help you all be filled with inspiration on how to get started.

  1. Christmas Wishlist
  2. Christmas Cookie Recipe
  3. 2017 Resolutions
  4. Christmas Day Outfit
  5. What I got for Christmas
  6. Share a Christmas craft activity
  7. Share your favorite Christmas foods
  8. Share what you’re grateful for this Christmas
  9.  Create a gift guide. This could be for any recipient and for any present genre
  10. Where to shop this Christmas!
  11. My Christmas tree!
  12. The perfect Secret Santa presents!
  13. Christmas Day games for the family!
  14. Hot Chocolate recipes!
  15. Things I love about Christmas!
  16. Top 5 Favourite Vlogmas Vloggers!
  17. Top 5 Favourite Blogmas Vloggers!
  18. Christmas baking!
  19. Winter adventure!
  20. My Christmas Day!
  21. My Xmas Jumpers!
  22. All time fave Christmas Films!
  23. Host a Christmas Giveaway!
  24. Christmas day O.O.T.D!
  25. Christmas TV – what are your top picks? Is there something you watch every year?
  26. 2017 Yearly Roundup – has it been a good year for you? What did you achieve this year?
  27. New Year wishes – what would you like to happen next year? Do you have any goals?
  28. Blogging equipment wish list – got your eye on a new camera? Or a fancy tripod? Or something made of marble? Send this wish list to your family as a less-than-subtle hint!
  29. Write about what being a blogger has taught you. Did you learn anything unexpected?
  30. DIY Christmas decorations – show us how you jazz up your bedroom or living room for the big day!
  31. Make your own Christmas cards – homemade cards are so adorable to receive and they’re a really heartfelt gesture! Inspire us with yours!
  32. Creative Christmas wrapping – how do you make your presents look extra special?
  33. Try out some Christmas crafts inspired by Pinterest – even if it’s a total fail, share it with us!
  34. Baby, it’s cold outside! Show us your favorite layered-up looks!
  35. A Christmas party lookbook – what’ll you be wearing to your office party?
  36. Winter outfit staple – pick one key item for your festive wardrobe and show us how you style it in multiple ways!
  37. Ultimate cold-weather accessories – what keeps you warm and looking stylish?
  38. Winter fashion trends – what are you loving? What doesn’t float your boat? Tell all!
  39. Favorite beauty advent calendars
  40.  Christmas party makeup looks
  41.  Beauty products wish list
  42. Signature festive fragrance
  43. New Years Eve beauty routine
  44. What to pack for a winter trip
  45.  Create a lookbook with a theme
  46. Real vs Steal, your favorite high-end dupes
  47. Review of a fashion event
  48. Clearing out your wardrobe tips!
  49. Blogmas Post idea’s
  50. Photo Diary of Christmas Day.
  51. Christmas/New Year Makeup Ideas.

So there we go, guys! I hope you take inspiration from these and have the best start to your Blogmas journey, I’m so excited to read all of your posts counting down to the big day.

Have you got any more Blogmas/Vlogmas ideas? Be sure to post them in the comments to help others too! Best of luck to everyone.


Tezzax xxx

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