In today’s post, I thought it’ll be a great idea to look back at the past and talk about my favorite childhood memory.It's impossible to pick my favorite childhood memory, but one very special time takes me back to Christmas of 1992 (I think) when I was probably 2 years old. Let me take you on a trip down memory lane, with the post all about playing shop. Do you remember growing up and playing shop with your siblings?

One of my most treasured memory is of my mum at Christmas time, were all (my siblings and me) gathered around the tree

e and mum handed me a massive present, which at the time I think was a shopping trolley.

I had received a trolly for Christmas because I loved to play shop with my siblings and Aunt, I can remember we use to take all the cans of food out of the cupboards and put them in the trolly. And we use to turn my aunts front room into a little shop, and my cousins used to be our workers with my aunt our only customer (lol).

I would love to recreate this memory, in the future if I ever tend to have kids. Because come on who wouldn't love to play shop, I feel like we all this is at one time while growing up.

It may not seem like much but a couple years later my mum unfortunately died and it’s the only memory I can recall of having with her, however, I am lucky enough to have this memory captured and is very special to me.

This day was amazing, and I will always keep it in mind. Let me know in the comments below, your favorite childhood memory.

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