I won’t lie, I think I’m most addicted to my phone. I’m one of those people who’s always on her phone but they are useful little buggers aren’t they, phones.

Mine’s my social life, camera, music player, calculator and ulimate blogging assistant in one; to name just a few of its diverse roles.


1. Obsessively Instagram-stalking

This has become my new go-to habit. Any time I’m at a bit of a loose end, I find myself there; double tapping, wanting to murder those bellend follow-unfollowers and yelling ‘You didn’t even take that, knobhead!’ furiously when I see images people are using which AREN’T THEIRS, without credit.


2. Watching peoples snaps stories and wondering why them eating a sandwich or watching them drink was important enough to add to their stories and Why are these people like this?


4. I spend most of my life sending pictures to family and friends through this app, which comes in handy especially when you’ve gotta send groups of pictures or videos.


5. I’m always on Twitter. Lurking and eating my popcorn, as yet another drama kicks off. And of course always updating you guys on events and stuff.


6. constantly make notes as reminders and list like a mofo. I really need to clear them out, there’s all kinds of random sh*te lurking in there.


7. Girl gotta schedule them tweets, y’all

That’s it for another daily blog post, I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Let me know in the comments your favourite apps you’d like to use.

What do you get up to on your phone? Do you spend your time like me, or perhaps use it better / worse than I’m admitting to? Let me know, I love reading stuff like this and being pure nosey.

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