This is a good question, and I thought It is cool to answer this on the blog because come on wouldn't it be kinda fun to see why people would want to have lunch with. But I've changed the question up a bit and included 6 people I'd like to have lunch with,

  1.  My Mum

My Mum: This one is quite known,  because well I would love to have time with my mum and tell her about all the good times in my life, and of course, I'd tell her what I've been doing with my life. It'll be nice to just have some quality time with my mum even it if is just for an hour or so. Let's face it my mum is my hero and my inspiration so I'd like to tell her thanks for raising a loving daughter, and because she's my hero an I'd like to thank her for giving life to me.

    2.  John Barrowman 

John Barrowman: Because I'm a musical person, and he just seems like he would be amazing. Plus we could talk about all things Torchwood and Arrow, and he just seems like he'll be a laugh to have lunch with he's quite handsome too (wouldn't you ladies agree). She's ahead of her time, Oh, and she never gives out And she never gives in.

3.   Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein: The man has a brilliant mind for business and he's pretty tech savvy. Just would like to learn some of the things he did to get off the ground.....could be useful advice.... The stuff he invited was pretty amazing, the questions I'd love to ask Albert Plus it'll be so cool to see Albert use a cell phone from this country.

4.   Chris Evans 

Chris Evans:  Because I'm also a movie person, and Chris has always been my inspiration to many things I love how he portrayed the role of Capitan America and since I run a youtube channel it'll amazing to ask Chris all questions I have about acting and maybe filming too. He's quite the good looking as well maybe I could also ask if he'll have my kids.

5.    Alfie Deyes 

Alfie Deyes: Because  I would talk to him about what influenced him. I would also want to talk about his inspiration. I would ask him how the digital world changed his life, and how to stand on top of videos making. I would also if he could give any tips on to how to improve on youtube videos, and keeping viewers entrained.  I'll also have to say thanks to Alfie because he actually inspired me to start my youtube channel (Mizztezzax). I'd also talk to Alfie about life in general and

6.   Joseph Morgan 

Joseph Morgan. I mean cmon, that'd be one crazy/exciting/interesting lunch! I mean wouldn't it be amazing to have lunch with an original hybrid from New Orleans. (I'm only joking) but he did, however, do an excellent performance in the originals, and like I said it'll be interesting to have lunch with him and see what he'll think about today's politics and the world of crouse. Who wouldn't want to have lunch with Joseph anyway I mean he seems such a down to earth man and fun to be around?

So there you have it my list of famous people I would love to have lunch let me know in the comments below, who'd you have lunch with dead or alive.

who'd you have lunch with dead or alive? I'll see you guys in the next post, for now, im signing out.

                                      Tezzax xxxx


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