If you were shipwrecked on an island and could only bring five things with you what would they be?

1)     Capitan America Series -It is one of my favorites and I never get tired of the marvel gang. There is an entire world wrapped up in it that always stirs my imagination. Anything that does that and helps me dream catches my eye.

2)      Family photo album- This would be a must have, because I don’t have a good memory and to be able to look back on photos is great .

3)   My Phone - Even though there won’t be any election but hopefully if my phone don’t die I could at least call Home and keep up with the least news, and I’ll be able to document my journey.

4)   A journal- I wrestled with this one a little bit. In theory I might be able to find/create/discover a way to record my thoughts using things I find on the island. But writing is such a big part of my life I can’t imagine not being able to do it and that journal is invaluable.  When I get rescued it will be of great interest to my family.

5) A Good Book - I chose this one because if I ran out of battery on my phone at least I won’t get bored of reading but I’ll probably bring a few to keep going for a few days.

Ok, that is my list. Let me know in the comments what 5 things you’d bring to a dessert island.

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