In today's post, I'm going to be doing a review on Subject-Verb Object: An Anthology of New Writing. Which comprises eighteen short stories compiled by Dane Cobain because I was very fortunate to have revived a copy in exchange for an honest review. When reading the book I have asked myself a few questions for this review.

What is the book about? 

An anthology of new writing comprised, of eighteen short stories compiled by Dane Cobain. Where each author was provided with a short writing prompt, with a short writing prompt which was randomised and distributed until each contributor received something different from what they submit. It's basically a magical recipe for a collection of small great stories. 

Would you recommend this book? 

I would recommend this book to friends and family, in fact, I already have. Of course, there will be some stories which you won’t like. However I did find myself skimming through a couple but, overall, there is something for everyone. I also love how creative each story creative and unique way, and just because it's a  brilliant book and a real page turner. I feel like the author Dane Cobin is all brilliant and unique, and it's nice to get that feeling of different authors in one book. It's differently a must, especially if you're a reader who loves short stories, and I've read few books in my life time so far.

What was your favorite mini-story in the book?

My favourite story in the book was Cornwall by James Torrance, but I must say the other stories in the book were just as good.  I preferred James story because Torrence really grasped not only the desperation of depression but also what it feels like to be the person on the outside, the one looking on at someone in pain and not being able to help. I also liked the fact that he talks about the trips he took to the beach while in Cornwall.  

As he tried to get back in writing and move on from his ex-girlfriend. I found James story interesting because it just stood out to me, as I was reading his story I felt as if I was there in Cornwall with him and his friend exploring the place and visiting nearby towns and local shops.  

Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this review, of Subject Verb Object: An Anthology of New Writing. I recommend to you guys that you pick up this book links are below I have also attached links to where you can buy this book. Let me know in the comment if you get your hands on this chilling book. 


Publisher: Create Space Independent, Publishing Platforms

Languages: English

Genre: Fiction.

Paper Back Verison: Subject Verb Object: Anthology New Writing.

Kindle Verison: Subject Verb Object :Anthology of New Writing


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