Saturday 7th May 2016,  was an exciting day for me, why you may ask. Well, I and two great friends of mine Stevie and Kelly all traveled to Bluewater for a book signing of Conjuror. Conjuror is the 4th novel series of Hollow Earth, written by the Barrowman siblings (John & Carol).
If you guys knew me personally, you would know that I had idolised John Barrowman for such a long time. The first time I've met John was actually through Doctor Who when he first appeared as Capitan Jack Harkness. Then I followed John over to Torchwood which back then was my favourite tv show of all times and when it ended I was in tears.
John has helped me get through so much in my life, such as with bullying, dad becoming ill and many other problems that have occurred in my life hood. But as John say's. I am What I am, this song in a way does kinda represent my life and who I am.
Because when growing up I was told that I could only become a cleaner in life, due to my disabilities but after hearing John singing I am What I am  I was able to find the confidence within me and persuade in my dreams, in which I'm doing today as I was able to go university and get a degree in a field I enjoy and to this day I'm now running my own freelancing business.
I have told you guys this todayI because without having John to look up to, I wouldn't  know where I would be without him.  And would like to personally thank both John and Carol for such an amazing book series, which I enjoy a lot of and let me tell you this I am also a twin myself. So for twin to have magically imagination is brilliant. I can't wait to see if there's going to be another within the series so far my favourite of the series has to be Hollow Earth.
Well, guys, that's this week's post in which I hope you enjoy if you'd like to see the vlog from this event then head on over to my vlogging channel which will, of course, be linked below.


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