In our amazing, interconnected world it seems increasingly likely that the technology we’re going to witness changing and moving forward over the next year or two is the technologies we use in our own homes.

Already we can ask Alexa to dim the lights, turn on the electric fire and play our favourite soothing tunes. We can access our TVs from miles away to record our favourite shows through the touch of an app and we can talk to the postman through our laptop.

Inter connecting technology, sometimes known as the Internet Of Things, is incredible and lifestyle bloggers are lapping it up.

But how much further can this tech go before it takes over all our lives? The answer, quite a stretch further.

We are already seeing the benefit of smart tech in the fields of medicine and home care for older and more vulnerable people wishing to lead independent lives but we can also see how smart technology is making a massive difference in transport too.

Take, for example, your humble everyday car. Gone are the days where you have to bend over an open car bonnet scratching your head over what’s making that clunking sound, now as in the case of the Mercedes Me Connect, all the diagnostic material you could ever need is downloaded straight to your car’s computer and even straight to your phone.


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Need to check your car’s mileage before you head out the door? Connect to your car and check it out from the comfort of your own sofa. Useful if you’re weighing up whether to drive straight to work or via a petrol station, one click and you have your ‘miles until empty’ reading right at your fingertips.

The implications of this are phenomenal. Your phone will be able to tell you where the nearest empty parking spot is or even help park your car for you. As manufacturers vie to make their apps the smartest of all, customers will be spoilt for choice with access to technology that simply didn’t exist fora driver a decade ago.

Your phone will be the one stop place for all your home and motoring upgrades, diagnostics and comfort settings and as tech gets even smarter so will the options around what you can access and control remotely. What might you see interconnected?

How about a dog collar that lets you know how many steps your dog has taken that morning or toasters that will toast your bread ready for the moment you walk through the door. If it can have a chip in it, chances are it stands a good chance of finding its way onto your personal home network.

Naturally, we should exercise some caution as the more we connect our lives up, the more we give access to cyber terrorists or hackers who wish us harm. The hope is that as the technology develops, so do the safeguards designed to prevent our own data being used against us.

Watch this space for amazing developments over the next decade and see how much more interconnected your life is going to become.


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