Hey loves,

so as last Saturday was such a lovely day, Stevie and I decided to head to our local town and explore the sites. For us our local town is Greenwich and we have some amazing views and buildings here we do also have a ship called the Cutty's Ark but I'd thought I'd share some pictures from our day out as we managed to take tonnes.

I'm only going to show a few on here and a few over on my Instagram which is misstezzax. But I did however vlog the day so you could also check that out and subscribe to my channel while you're over there.

Our day started of by going startbucks of course but we then headed towards, under the tunnel which leads to the other side and under the themes, we messed about by the themes that side and took some great photos.

We then headed back through the tunnel to where the resturants are and took a look out to the themes from there too, after spending about 5-10 minutes looking at the theme we decided to head to Sainsbury's and grab some food to have a little pinic in the park.

While in the park we just messed around and talk about our goals and just random stuff basically oh and we also managed to get hyper on Dr Pepper again. What a surpise aye it's like Dr Pepper is our go to dirnk :D. But anyway after we were done with lunch we then headed into the musume and just looked around to see what was going on and I even took Stevie into an exabintion that well ment something to me due to an event I did at the musume I'll get to that another day but for now enjoy these images.

We then decided we should get the bus back and head home as it was a long day for the pair of us and were getting hot and tried. But overal I had a great day out with Stevie and I will always remember out little trips and memories.

It's nice talking to you's but don't forget to check out the video below.


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