Hey guys,so on Monday 8th of June, I was lucky enough to be apart of take that concert…  Take That was actually kind of an end of year celebration for me as I finished university on the 8th June 2015 and started Take That shows on the 8th too.  This experience was
a once in a lifetime opportunity and It was something, that I wouldn’t never have done before.

 This was because due to my disabilities I was in a shell, and I was even shy to talk to someone let alone go on stage and sing and dance in front of the whole world.  But like I’d be saying it’s when up on stage you forget about the crowd and you feel like your having a party with the boys themselves (Take That)

I would like to thank Ravensbourne University, and Take That for allowing me to be part of this amazing experience and it’s something I would never forget. I also wanted to thank the O2 arena for letting us perform on your stage, it was just an amazing atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Well, I’m signing out now so I’ll speak to you lovely lot tomorrow, so night for me now, though. All together I did 13 nights with take 2 were rehearsal and one were to send off the rugby team off to the world cup, for this,all I had to do was step in as the rugby players during rehearsal

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