Hello, loves! Today I am so excited to share a guest post from Sarah from Dream of Home, she talks about why people are enjoying Games of Thrones. 

I’ve only just recently watched the first episode, but I’m trying to understand why people like Game of Thrones so much.
Fantasy is always a tricky genre, and never one that I’ve seen eye-to-eye with. 
I like the Hunger Games, and I tolerate Lord of the Rings, but I never bothered to see the Hobbit. I never read a book if it’s labelled as fantasy. I can appreciate lots of other people will only read fantasy and thoroughly enjoy it. But for me, the whole dragons and aliens thing just doesn’t work.
So why am I bothering to watch Game of Thrones when I don’t even like fantasy? I suppose I want to see what all the fuss is about. But yes, I’m 7 seasons late.
It’s not a YA or teen programme
This is very clear even from the first episode. With the sex scene, and the brutal beheading that takes place within the first 10 minutes, this series is definitely for adults only, unlike the Hunger Games which is rated 12, and is most definitely for young teens.
With the focus on adults, nothing is too much. There is sex, violence, abuse, barbarism, and the show knows that people will keep wanting more.
It’s hugely complex, but in the best way
In the first episode, we’re introduced to a couple of the many ‘worlds’ and places of this new setting. They’re so detailed and complex that it’s hard to imagine that they don’t exist. JK Rowling developed the world of Harry Potter so well that for some people, it became like a real place in their minds. Well Game of Thrones is the same, one of the many reasons why people like Game of Thrones so much.
The books are huge, and there are so many of them. The maps at the beginning to explain ‘what is where’ and the sheer number of characters indicate that the world has been thought out so clearly and for so long that every little detail has been considered.
You can’t even guess what is coming
From the amount of raging on my Facebook and Twitter timelines, Game of Thrones leaves people shocked to the core at the end of each series. How does it do this? I’m not sure, one episode in. 
But I’m sure I have lots of exciting times to come.

Once I’ve finished the series, and experienced for myself why people like Game of Thrones so much, I’ll be onto the books!

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