Melancholy Mind by Charlene McElhinney
Published by Amazon in Great Britain
Genres: Poet
Pages: 181
Source: Publisher 
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Blurb:  Melancholy Mind is a book full of poetry on the subject of Mental Health. It gives an insight into the reality of Mental Health (from one person's experience), it deals with medication, insomnia, love, causes, and symptoms, coping and the 'recovery' aspect too. This book is raw, emotional and candid. Charlene McElhinney has poured her heart and soul into this book and aims to reach out to Mental Health sufferers and also to those who want to try and understand the mind of a Depressive.picadillyblue

I have a new favorite poet.  Melancholy Mind wasn’t even really on my radar until I covered Bee Chat on twitter one night, and became friends with the author herself.   I’m so glad I deiced to give Melancholy Mind a read also thank you too, Faisal Ali on twitter for sending me a copy over. Melancholy Mind is one of those books that I’m going to be pushing on everyone now.

I recently caved and read good poet book and I had been searching for ages until I came across Melancholy Mind. I was hugely impressed with it and I was really enjoying the book and the different poems that were inside of it.

  • Story: The story was fast and extremely interesting.  We take a step into a mind of a depressive as we also explore different ways of coping and 'recovering'.  The book aims to help those not to feel alone when they are and hope the book brings comfort to those who suffer from mental health issues. I believe Charleen has done a wonderful job with this book because everything is on point and she talks about the important things.
  • Verse:  Writing in verse really opens up a lot of different possibilities for the author and Charleen McElhinney took advantage of that.  Not only was Charleen's experiences told in what she had to say but also in what she didn’t say or even what she crossed out.

Overall, Melancholy Minds was the one for me and I now can see why it’s been getting quite a bit of love from some other bloggers.  The poetry was great and the story was definitely something that appealed to me and I'll be sure to definitely pass this book on to my readers, and my friends and family.

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