I don't know if you know this about me but music is my favorite thing in the world. I'm always listening to music and I have a lot of favorites artist. Today on the blog I wanted to share my favorite artist and some of my favorite songs from them.

I will even give you guys a bit of a story of how the bands introduced me as I do have a few good stories to tell. These are not in any particular order. It was hard enough for me to dwindle a list down to 15, ranking them would have been impossible.


There was absolutley no way I would create a playlist of my all time favourite artist and not include Boyzone. I started listening to Boyzone when I was back in primary school, as my aunt (Julie) introduce them to me, and since then they have made such an impact on my life.

Unfortunately I have only seen Keith Duffy live, at Dartford Festival however he was incredible, and I have now a greate memory of me and my other aunt (Helen) dancing alongside to “Love Me For A Reason”.  Boyzone are currently doing one last tour, but they made a lasting impact on my life and countless of others.

Favourite Songs

1. Picture of You

2. No Matter What

3. When The Going Gets Tough.

Bruno Marzs

I learnted out about Bruno Mars’s though my cousin, as back in the day he would put on a show for us all and one time he danced along to Lazy Song and did the same moves as Bruno.

Since then I have grown to love Bruno Marzs every time I’m at my aunt (Julie’s) we always tend to play a bit of Bruno, and of course Bruno will always have an impact on my life because of this found memory of my cousin.

Favourite Songs.

1. That’s What I like

2. 24k Magic

3. Versace On The Floor


Madness is another band that I couldn’t leave out of the list, I love their music and it’s always fun to play their music at celebrations. I came about Madness back in primary same day as I was introduce to Boyzone. As this one has a bit of a story to it, so one day I was walking to to school when suddenly I walked into a lamppost and had a nasty brusie on my forehead.

I then got taken back to my aunts and we had a day of music basically, and she of course then played Lovestruck and thought it was funny because of lyric “I’m fallening for a lamppost”.   This song will always hold a special place in my heart just because of this memory. I haven’t seen madness live but I have seen tributes of madness and they were amazing.

Favourite Songs

1. Lovestruck

2. Our House

3. Baggy Trousers

Ed Sheeran

Ed sheeran has such an amazing talents. He creates all kinds of music from ballords to dance songs. I love the fact that Ed is always containing to change the music he produce and is always seem to be working on something.

Wheather it’s his own music or writing for others. I am a huge fan of his music because of that. I first found out about Ed though a YouTube video he sang with Example “Nando’s Skank.

My Favourite Songs

1. Galway Girl

2. Castle On The Hill

3. Thing Out Loud

Take That

This another band I have been listening to forever. I been listening to them since I was little, as Robbie Williams was always played around due to my parents were a fan of his and since then I found out about Take That, and I just couldn’t leave them out of the list.

I was lucky enough to see Take That live for 13 nights as I was able to go on tour with them in London back in 2015, you can read an old post about it here, I will never forget the memories I have with them, as it was once in a life time opportunity.

Favourite Songs

1. Hold Up A Light

2. Never Forget

3. Patience.

John  Barrowman

I learnt about John Barrowm back in 2005 when he made an appearance in Doctor Who as Capitan Jack Harnkess, then followed him over to Torchwood. After that I found out he is also a singer, as he sang The doctor and I, and if you know me personally John Barrowman holds a special place to my heart.

John Barrowman will forever hold a great impact on my live, as he goes “I am What I am” I wrote and older post dedicated to John if you’d like to give it a read.

My Favourite Songs

1. I am What I am

2. Don’t French Me In

3. Your So Vain

Little Mix

I actually learnted about little though Xfactor one night, now I’m not a big fan of reality tv but nothing else was one so I stuck with Xfactor. Since then I learnted about Little mix and learnted more of their work, and became a fan of their.

I don’t think I’ve seen little mix live but I have meet them, at a book signing once with my cousin and a friend, and because of that they still hold a great impact on my live and I have a great memory shared with my cousin.

My Favourite Songs

1. Wings

2. Little Me.

4. Black Magic

Olly Murs.

Does anyone actually remember when they first started listening to Olly Murs. It’s almost has he is just part of your life, I actually found out about Olly through YouTube videos one night I was just scrolling through and Olly’s face popped up.

Since then I have always loved Olly and always will be a massive fan of his again I haven’t seen Olly live well tenhically I have when my sister took me to summer time ball, and I have meet him a few times too.

My Favourite Songs

1. Dance With Me Tonight

2. I Wan’be Like You

3. Wrapped Up

Marron 5

I learnted about Marron 5 back in secondary school through my friends, I remember we were discussing the top trends at the time and Marron 5 popped up.

I knew since then I had to go away and listen to more of their work. So soon thereafter I became engrossed in the band and their awesome albums.

My Favourite Songs

1. Sugar

2. Girls Like You.

3. PayPhone


So, there you have it! These are some of my all time favourite bands and artists and I hope that you love them too. One day I plan to write a folllow up to this post as I a few more that could go on the list as I just love all artists.

I also may doo another follow up where I talk about the celebrities I met, let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like to see. With that begin said I hope you enjoyed this super long post, (sorry about that) and comment below your favourite artists and bands and I’ll see you soon.


Terri xxx