Yes, I have become one of those who's little obsessed with their phone, checking it before bed, if I've woken up in the night and checking that I've seen all my notifications. Sounds familiar?

Besides I probably spend way to much time on my iPhone, so I thought I'd share some apps that I'm finding important at the moment, bare in mind these are just my opinions.


Starting of with WordPress, I use WordPress app every day, you can use it to catch up on the latest blog post from people you follow.  Check your blog stats eat. You can even use it to write a blog post and publish it when it is ready, which is a future I enjoy using when I’m not on my pc or laptop. 


I saw this to jot down all my blogging post ideas I think off. I also use it to start writing my blog post especially again when I’m out and about. I  can easily airdrop it to my mac and finish editing them on the computer and post when ready. This app is really handy to use it’s one of my most used apps.


As a blogger who’s busy, there isn’t often a chance to tweet especially when working, so this is perfect you can schedule up to 10 tweets in advance once posted you can then rebuffer. You can also use it to schedule post on Instagram and Facebook. It ha a handy analyst tool so you can see how many clicks your link got. This can help you to maximise the engagement with other Twitter users especially as twitter is where I get most of my blog traffic from.


I’ve tried a few photo editing apps, and aside from the usual features on instagram, I tend too use preview to either add a filter to my photos and sometimes sharpening and adjust the lighting slightly. It’s really easy to use and has a great rang of filters. in the preview app you can also schedule when you want  to post to Instagram and you can find out about your instagram pictures stats too. I would recommend this app if you’re really into the whole editing I have attached a link so you can totally go download it.

I’d recommend checking all of these apps out. They can all be downloaded on the app store and the beauty is that they are all free (unless you want premium upgrades).

Have you tried these apps? What are your favourite apps to use as a blogger? x.

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