Welcome back upper east siders. In today's post, I'd thought I'd list my top 5 tv shows of all times. Alought I don't watch a lot of TVs  these show I will watch every week and keep up to track with the latest episode.  

  1. Chicago Fire
  2. Gossip Girl
  3. Hawaii Five-O
  4. NCIS LA + Normal
  5. Brooklyn NINE-NINE

So, Guys, these are my top five tv shows of all times if you notice they have a common interest in them, as most of them are crime + drama. At the moment, I'm watching Gossip Girl and at the moment this show is one of the best shows I've ever watched because it had daily drama and I do love a good show with drama.

Gossip Girl does kinda speak out to me because I love creating websites and such and in a way the show does incorporate this into the show by using gossip girl and the spectator (Nates Site). My Favourite character from gossip girl has to be Nate & Dan as well as Serena.  These are because I just love the way the actors Penn Badgley,Blake Lively & Christopher Chace Crawford portate their characters.

As I believe they have portate their characts well and truly amazing so well done to the actors. It's a shame that a great tv show ended but I guess most tv show no days will end at some point.  Gossip Girl has been an amazing show to watch as like I said before it has drama and scandals  and it fits  in everyone's cup of tea.