Happy November!

Every month I say “I am going to do one of those monthly goal posts” and every month I kick myself for not doing it!

But not this month! 

I am totally hopping on the blogger bandwagon and sharing my November personal and professional goals with you all! I hope they provide some inspiration to you for the month. Keep in mind with the blog goals, I launched my blog February 23rd of this year – so if you’re new to blogging, I know you can grow your blog and reach your goals the first year!

 Professional Goals:

1. Get organized for my rebrand. I kind of stumbled into this entire blogging journey. I Just feel like the blog needs a whole new design and I want to get the new layout out before the new year starts. I also have two websites and I'm still deciding if I want to bring the two together, so I am planning on changing up some of the web services and bringing it over to Misstezzax.

2. Post Daily I want to start posting more frequently on all my social media and blog, to try and aim for a new audience and boost up my followers, so I plan on bringing out new content every day and I'm pretty excited. So make sure you stick around to see that. I also want to do more with my blog and not leave it anymore.

3. Grow my social media accounts. 

       Instagram: Current 1.556– goal: 3k

       Youtube: Current 1,152  - goal 2k

       Facebook: Current 155– Goal 400

       Twitter: Current 12,517 – Goal 1k

4.  Land four new sponsored gigs. The last few months I have started doing sponsored work and I love it!  So I am hoping this month I can find a handful of opportunities that resonate with me! But don't let this turn you off.

Personal Goals:

1. Visit Family More.  If you've been following my vlogs, you've noticed I've not really spent time with my family i.e moms side of the family, and this month I want to change that and go and visit them more often.

2. Organized My Room. If you know me personally or watch my videos, you would know my room doesn't seem that tidy, so I'd to get more organized espically because I'm hosting a party on the weekend in memory of my mum.

3. Read. I don't do this often but I want to get back into reading as I have tons of books but I never give myself the time to read them. So this month I'm actually going to challenge myself to pick up a book and read it.

4. Vlog Every day. I really let this go out the window last month. But before December starts I want to start vlogging more on my second channel just because I have a few awesome days planned with my best friend and I want to be able to remember those days in the future.