If you follow me on social media, then you may have noticed we had spent the day at Chessington World of Adventure, on Wednesday 18th October. It was a total surprise for me as I had no clue as to where we were going, even on the motorway we went past the signs 4 times and I still didn't know we were heading to Chessington. This was a lovely surprise for me because I've never been to Chessington before, and now I can mark it off on my bucket list, however, there were a few perks to our day first, it was a long drive but well worth it, and two it was a horrible wet day in London.

Chessington World of Adventure is located in Chessington Surrey and includes a theme park with over 40 rides, a Safari ride into Afairc and Sea Life Centre. For those staying in overnight, they have 2 resorts. It has a variety of rides to offer, begin the first ride we rode was the Gruffalo river ride, which I loved because it was a more gentle ride only trouble is you do get wet.

We didn't have to wait long in the queue as we went on a day where kids were at school, but there were still plenty of kids about though.

After the Gruffalo, we then headed to the Vampire ride which happens to be ride next door, now normally I don't end up going on these rides (ask Lottey she'll tell you) but  I must admit I loved the vampire ride even though, I screamed and was shaking when came off, I was proud of myself for doing it. (I just won't do it again

We then headed towards the Safari ride into Afairc to see the animals such as Giraffes, Rhino, Flamingos, Zebras. Ostrich and Oryx and you can even get up close to the small animals.The Safari ride was pretty epic because I got too see the Giraffes as they're my favorite animals because I like to climb high, and I love their color too orange and black, (even though Blue is my favorite color).

Talking about animals we also saw penguins (aka Stevie), as well as Lions, Tigers, Gorlliors and Sea Lions. Safari ride into Africa was fare part my favorite because I'm an animal lover, and got to see my favorites which made my day. Because come on who doesn't love penguins aye am I right or am right?.

After we got done with the animals beware they do stink, we when heading towards forbidden kingdom to grab a bit to eat before the knights came and grabbed us (only joking).

We decided to eat at Fried Chicken Co, only trouble I had was I found the chicken a bit spicy and I don't do well with spicy food. I decided to grab a chicken wrap because those are my favorites.

After we all had eaten we then headed to Tomb Blast which I absolutely loved because you're sitting in a car type thing, and you're shooting at the green lights which were amazing. I had received about 2425 points even though I was technically just shooting anything because it was a bit hard to keep an eye on my target.

Once Tomb Blast had ended we then headed to Dragons Fury, where we met Dargon Fury and Stewart went on the Koba, but I had stayed behind because I don't do the spinny rides well.

As we were waiting for Stewart I decided to get a cool beverage which ended up begin a shlusie, (I love those!)  to cool me down from the rides. When Stewart was finished on the Koba, we both then went on the bumper cars, and both kept chasing after each other to bump into one and another (I bumped Stewart 2 or 3 times) was pretty fun I loved how fast the car was but sadly it was over quickly. But bumper cars were so much fun and rather enjoyable.

After Dargon's Fury, we head back towards the entrance and went on two last rides which were Vampire ride and Gruffalo. I went back on the Gruffalo (which I would totally recommend) but missed the Vampire as I was tired by this point, but I did have a go at a few arcade games nearby and won a miny Giraffes and then we headed home. We loved our day at Chessington and had an amazing time I would 100% recommend going, there's plenty to do and everything is quite close, so there isn't much walking to do.

Even though we had to travel quite long to get there but it was well worth, and I'm so down to go again.

Let me know in the comments if you would go Chessington or have been.

Check out our pictures below

Love Terri xxx

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