As an adult, there’s a lot you have to cope with. Life always has responsibilities to throw at us, So once you’ve got all the adulting out the way, it’s time to have a bit more fun in navigating your responsibilities. If you’ve paid your bills and bothered to cook yourself dinner for the first time that week, it probably means you’re working your way through Friday night. And on the other side is Saturday! The perfect day for a bit of me time all to yourself. So try not to make any plans for this coming weekend; here’s how to plan the best kind of relaxing day for yourself.



Stay in Bed Until You’re Ready to Leave!

This is something we all wish we could do more of, but unfortunately, the work and family world won’t let us! However, once you’ve got a day off and no commitments, make sure you’re lounging or dozing around for as long as you want under the covers. Even as an adult you need as much sleep as you can get, especially when doing everything has always been demanded of us in, so give yourself a break.

You don’t even have to feel bad that you’re not getting anything done when your laptop is by the side of your bed. Haul it up, switch it on, and get to typing if you need to. All surrounded by the lushness of your own sheets and remaining comfy in your own pajamas.

Put a Good Show On

When it comes to streaming services like that of Netflix, sometimes we can be stuck for choice. There’s so much to see in the few hours we have in the day, so where are you actually meant to start?! Of course, you should put on anything that catches your eye, but take recommendations from friends before putting your phone on silent; you deserve a good snack time.

On the other hand, you can go a little more untraditional by turning outside of the realms of live action. Why not even indulge a bit of your inner child, or simply your creative side and turn on some anime? It’s a medium we don’t see too much of in the West, but it’s got a huge following no matter where you look. Something like Hellsing could be a good introductory show to try out.

Feel Free to Do Whatever

When it comes to indulging in me time, don’t feel like you have anything you must do. That’s where we catch ourselves out! Instead, choose only those things we actually like, and seriously consider getting up off of the sofa to try them out.

Maybe you want to talk a walk and breathe in the fresh air? Go ahead! Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you’re not relaxing. This is about you and you alone, so even bring a scooter with you if you want.

This was just for fun; have a relaxing day all to yourself by leaving society outside!


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