Hey guys,
 How it's going? after a while I'm back, I'm sorry for my absent on here I've just got the internet back, anyway with graduation on Tuesday.
 I had a few friends around on the weekend for pre-drinks, but anyway, there was this game I would like to talk to you all about.
 I'm sure some of you might have heard of it but while having a few drinks we decided to play a game of aginst humanity, now this game is for the ages 18+ but is the perfect when drinking with friends.  It's just a good game for those nights in the pub or party nights at home and I'd have to thank my sister for introducing me to the game.
But other than aginst humanity we decided on playing ring of fire, which is a game my sister and friends always play. Anyway with a few drinks you know how we people can get but it turned out to be a great night with friends and was enjoyable.
I can officially say I'm excited about graduation and can not wait. Oh yeah did I mention that Dr Pepper and Vodka is a perfect combination, thanks to the lovely friend for introducing it to me.
Well I'm signing out now so I'll see you guys later....
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