Are your in-laws coming to stay for the week? Perhaps one of your oldest friends is paying a visit? If you have guests coming to stay at your home, you will want them to feel comfortable and welcome. You probably know yourself how it is when you visit someone else’s house. The way their house is set out and the attitude they have will have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your stay. With that in mind, read on to discover the different ways to make your guests feel welcome.

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Make sure there are enough seating options in the living room – One guaranteed way to make your guests feel uncomfortable is not having enough seats in the living area. It will be a bit awkward when everyone goes to take a seat and some people are left debating whether to stand or sit on the floor. Avoid this problem by getting a few extra chairs for the living area – even if you have to take them from the kitchen or the dining room. It is important to make sure everyone has somewhere to sit.

Little touches go a long way – Little touches really do make a massive difference. There are many little touches that will make your guests feel special. This includes leaving them some fresh towels and bath slippers on their bed for when they want to take a shower. You could also put a few books and magazines in their bedroom in case they want to enjoy a bit of late night reading.

Plan ahead with food – Of course, it is important to plan ahead for the extra people you are hosting, and this includes with food shopping. It is a good idea to give your guests a call first and ask them if they have any food aversions or allergies. It is also a good idea to find out what your guests like to have for their breakfast and whether you have any coffee drinkers. Nothing makes someone feel more welcome than having a brew made exactly to their liking ready and waiting for them when they wake up.

Put your Christmas decorations up early – It may only be November, but if your guests are coming over the next few weeks, why not put your Christmas decorations up early? Giving your home the festive feel can make a massive difference, creating a positive and cozy environment. This is a great way to make your guests feel welcome.  

Think like a hotel – Finally, a sure-fire way to make sure your guests feel welcome and at ease is to think like a hotel. After all, when you visit a top hotel, you feel comfortable and you feel special, right? So pretend you are now the proud owner of a B&B! Have the likes of mouthwash and other sundries available in a basket for your guests. Why not ensure there is a bottle of water, some paper, and a pen in the room too? Spritz the room with a lavender linen spray for the perfect finishing touch. It’s a light smell that most people will enjoy.

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