Let's start off with saying that  book absolutely amazing, very clear, very organized. It's a great guide for anyone wishing to learn about different techniques in how to  plan for retirement or just looking at ways to improve their financial. The 5 Money myths is an easy book to read and understand and it enables you to educate yourself and take charge of your future.
We follow Ed Kinsey and Marc Roethel as they address the five key myths regarding your personal financial life that you dream.. The 5 Monthy Myth's presents us with a chorus of memorable and well-drawn characters beginning with Sara and Mike were the learn about Mike's retirement lost fund and we follow them to see how they achieve the tips into future financial change.

We all go through rough patches in our lives, the trick is learning from those mistakes. This author has taken us on the journey of life with her main character, Sarah and Mike and I believe this book is able to help a lot of people, it did sure give me some tips to plan for the future.