It's a well-known fact by now that I will always choose a night in over a night out. The thought of going out in the cold and wind to go and stand in a bustling crowd is something that fills me with dread. My nights in have just had a serious upgrade and here is my 5 step guide to the ultimate cosy night in.


An obvious addition for any night in, but there is nothing better than filling your space with the sweet aroma of your favourite scent. I not only love lighting candles for throwing a dreamy scent around the room, but I also love the aesthetic of them. When you're having a relaxing evening in you want to create a mood with your lighting and candles are the perfect way to do that.


On a cosy night in one of my favourite things to do when I was a child, was to make blanket forts or little blanket dens. As I’m a little to big to do that now I have to what I can with blankets and duvets. I tend to just snuggle in bed with blankets wrapped around me or even sometimes snuggle on the sofa.

But If you've got a huge space to work with you could get really creative with how big you make your blanket fort and it's totally ok if you happen to fall asleep in it too.


Normally my nights in, consist of either catching up on my latest tv program or even watching a film. It  just depends on what I’m in the mood for, but I do however I will have a few snacks and popcorn. What’s a night in without popcorn and snacks. But again the snack depends on the mood and what I fancy. I have a bush tv at the moment and it's amazing to see all my favourite films in the quality that they are meant to be viewed in. Or I would just simply watch Netflix on the iPad. Just like last night I rewatched high school musical 3 on Netflix.


It's not a night in without a selection of snacks at your disposal. My culinary skills leave little to the imagination but if you're a person who loves to get creative in the kitchen there are a bunch of recipes available on Pinterest. I personally like to go down the easy route and go for a mixture of sweet and savoury items. As it's nearly Christmas it's prime snack season and all the old classics are on the shelves once again. But my favourite snacks to have are normal pringles and lint chocolates.

What are your cosy night in essentials?

T x

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