These days, the quality of TV output is better than ever before. You can’t afford to ignore the great stuff out there if you’re looking for what to fill your hours with next. Because of the sheer amount of TV shows that we have to choose from, you need to be aware of the stuff that’s flying under the radar right now. This means looking at the shows that don’t quite get as much attention as Breaking Bad or the other big shows out there. Well, here are four shows that are truly underrated.

The Americans

Set in the 1980s, the Cold War setting of The Americans is what gives it much of its charm and intrigue. It’s certainly a unique kind of TV series, and it does something that is more often found in feature films. It’s about spying, espionage, and infiltration. That might sound like pretty familiar stuff, but by stretching out its themes and exploring them in more detail, it can achieve much more than it would otherwise be able to. So, this is definitely a series to check out. If you want to watch it on Netflix, use secure thoughts. It will help you save money.


You often get the feeling that Fargo doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves because it’s a remake. It’s based on the 1990s film by the Coen brothers. But this remake is not just about doing things as you expect them. Of course, it retains the great blueprint laid out by the original. But it also does some unexpected things that you might not have seen coming. And if you’ve never seen the original Fargo, you will be sure to enjoy this series a lot. Check out the film after you’ve watched the series to compare the two.


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Old Viking Sagas are not exactly well represented in our culture, but Vikings have changed that a little. You don’t have to know a single thing about Vikings and the history surrounding them to like this series. It’s full of twists, turns, and betrayals. It’s also based on true events, with some true to life chieftains and characters in there too. This makes it stand out above and beyond what you might conventionally expect from a series of this kind. And it has all of the fun and thrills to keep you entertained too.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is an interesting place, and that’s perhaps why it makes such interesting subject material for a TV series. If you haven’t seen this yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a chance. It’s a series that’s not to be missed. Unlike the other series mentioned above, this one’s a comedy. And unlike make comedies that you’ll find out there right now, this one is actually very funny indeed. So, make sure that you check it out next time you get the chance to. It won’t let you down. It has great writing and great actors, and that’s the basis for success.

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