As the decorations start to go up and the winter nights take on a more festive feel, you’re going to want to be getting yourself organized for the Christmas period. That means seeking out the best deals on food and making sure all of your presents are bought and wrapped well in advance of the last minute rush. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can get both of these holiday tasks ticked off ready for you to put your feet up.

Food Shop

Every trip to the supermarket you will have a list of your weekly goods, but when Christmas rolls around each year suddenly that list takes on a mind of its own. That means you’re going to want to venture outside of your comfort zone and find the deals from around town to feed your family over the festive period.

First of all, you need to be aware of the classic mistakes that we all make when going grocery shopping. So you should be researching the best days for doing your big shop, looking into the cost of food at different stores, and most importantly have a plan. These are three ideas that you could practice year round, but at Christmas, there is no room for error. The last thing you want is to be flying around town on the final few days before the 25th looking for a well-priced turkey or a ham.

A tool that you can use to make sure you aren’t paying over the odds this year is a comparison website. Let them do all the research for you, sit at home building your list, and then get down to your supermarket confident that you are paying a fair price.

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We all know that buying presents for Christmas can get a little out of hand. But this time of year is the period for giving, and give we will. Every year for the past ten years holiday retail figures have grown, and are expected to do so again this year. Here are some tips for not allowing your spend to get too high.

For starters, look around online for discount codes and vouchers. If you’re smart about the way you do your research, you might just find a free Amazon gift card or two. In addition to that, make sure you are comparing prices between websites and even on the high street. There are some bricks and mortar stores that will be selling some of the presents you intend to buy cheaper than online in a bid to get your business.

Finally, keep in mind the spirit of the season. Yes, you want to get everyone the gifts their heart’s desire. But in reality, come Christmas morning the most important thing is to spend some time together, enjoy each other’s company and sold out toys or expensive gadgets can be thought about again in the new year.

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