Hey everyone,

Today I want to share my recent top 5 Netflix shows with you, to watch when you're bored since I've had a lot of free time lately I've binged watched a lot, and I'm always in need of some suggestions. So I thought why not share with you my favorites??

Suits - A witty lawyer show set in New York Manhattan, with 6 full season you can binge watch back to back. As well as weekly updates of season 7.  This is a great show if you love all things lawyer's and a good drama, it has everything trust me.

Gossip Girl – for all you Fashionistas that love teenage dramas set in Manhattan, with a blog called Gossip Girl who shares text-messaged scoops on scandals   – lots of binge watching

Full House – a nice show to have to play in the background, it's wholesome and fine to have played if you have youngest around.

Riverdale – Is a  teenage murder mystery – not a binge watch show – it only has 10 episodes this far but is a great show if you love the Archie comics, as the show itself is based of that.

13 Reason Why? -  After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic. If you love drama and teenage high school shows then this one's for you It's a heart-wrenching tale begin told through the eyes of main character Clay.

Let me know what your favorite shows are so I can start something new.

What type of Youtube videos do you like to watch? My new Video goes live Friday and I’ll link it below for you guys to watch! Let me know in the comments what other topics you'd like me to talk about? Should I do a favorite movie list post or my top youtube channels?

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