I like to try and keep my desk area as de-cluttered as possible, as I find it a struggle to concentrate when I’m surrounded by lots of stuff like sweet wrappers and drinks here’s what’s been on my desk recently… alongside my IMac and general rubbish. but these are my ride or die products when I'm sitting at my desk all day

 1. Wilko A5 Organiser

I’m not sure what I’d do without this gem! I use it all the time to write down sponsored post, post ideas,, things to do ect. It’s a great book to organize you life with too and I believe it was only £6 from Wilkinson’s, ( The organiser I have has seem to be sold out but this one seems similar but just different design and colour ect.

2.  My Ihpone

My trusty iPhone complete with inspiring wallpaper quote, of course, for answering emails, instagram-ing my lunch / endless photos of Oscar, tweeting on twitter, texting tom, my family and other general forms of procrastinating. Like for example I would always answer text and social media nofications when in fact I have quite a few jobs to do.

3. My Headphones.

When I'm editing or writting a new post. I always have to listen to music, otherwise I find it hard to concercate like as I'm writing this post I'm currently listening to music what a surpise aye. But music seems to help me get into the spirt of things and get things done without music and my trust apple music  I'd be lost truly I will, though I do try and sing my heart even though I can't sing to save my life lol. (Sorry family but gotta have a bit of fun while working).

4. Organiser

This is organiser comes in hand to keep my sticky notes, pens and index paper organised and make its easier for me to grab when I need something from it. Talking about organisers I also have this white organiser my Imac sits on (as you can see in the picture below) and it keeps my dairy, phone and cup full of sweets init because doesn't need a bit of enegry food while there working.

5. Amazon Alexa

By now I think we’re all pretty familiar with Alexa. This is the original Amazon Echo and I’ve got some Amazon skills setup for it.For example, I can have it add stuff to my calendar, cue me to meditate, and the typical stuff like add stuff to my shopping list.This is a blog post for another day, but the reason I use Alexa most of the time when I’m surrounding by Apple device is simple: 99% of the time Alexa understands exactly what I’m asking for and makes it happen.

6. Note Book

I like to go analogue every now and again. I don’t really have a routine for when or how I use paper notebooks, but sometimes it just feels good to get some writing done.If I had to identify a pattern, I probably go to pen & paper when I’m really feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward. If you’re curious it’s a pink Stop Wishing Start doing Note book from Lidles. with lined paper.

7. Paper Organiser

Last thing we have on the desk is this blue paper organiser, that seems to keep my recent book I  of course write in and papers that I need to sort out but haven't managed to sort them out, it also hold a few smaller notebook i.e my diary and youtuber book where I keep all my ideas and all.

What's on your desk?

OK, so I’ve shared what’s on my desk. Now what’s on yours? Anything weird or fun or interesting? I know my desk is pretty basic, but that’s intentional too. I try and keep distraction as far away as possible, cause I am incredibly susceptible.


I keep my weird stuff in a tower unit under neath my desk.  More on that in a future post but for now let me know in the comment's what on your desk if you have one, and what's the weridest thing that can be found on it.

love Tezza,