Let me answer this question why do you blog?? 

To be honest with you, my dad once told me I should have a place to write things down such as feelings, and memories with family.

My love for blogging started way back when I was in university but I was afraid to start back then and unsure of how to go about doing so. 

When I first started out I definitely was not serious before I wasn't able to keep the blog updated due to university classes and life really. 

Then in 2015 I "went back to blogging" when I was looking for a place to post images I have taken, that's when I bumped into blogger and from then it became a passion so I then moved the blog over to wordpress.

I've had a fair share of a few restart and relaunch of blogs until I finally kinda felt that I am now doing quite well enough. Hahaha 

Let me know in the comments do you blog and if so why? 

xoxo Tezza